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Guide to Okanogan County history, vacations, dining, accomodations, hunting and fishing, things to see and do, merchants and churches, and real estate in Okanogan County, Washington, The Bonaparte Lake/Lost Lake/Toroda Creek area of Okanogan National Forest offers superb birding., This Okanogan Highlands area is notable for the Boreal Owl and Boreal Chickadee., The Greater White-fronted Goose is mottled brownish-gray with a black tail., The Chukar is a pale-colored, but boldly patterned game bird hunted in Okanogan County., The only loon found in Okanogan County is the Common Loon., Western Grebes are large and slender with long necks and long, thin bills., The Turkey Vulture has a 5- to 6-foot wingspan and soars with its wings tilted up., The mature Bald Eagle, our national emblem, is an easily recognizable, Salmon fishing oepns on the Okanogan River in Washington July 1. Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife will be testing live fish trapping gear as part of a longterm effort to improve fishing with planned hatchery production., Wolverines (Gulo gulo) weigh about 20 to 40 pounds, depending on sex and age, and are the largest land-based member of the mustelid family that includes weasels, badgers, and otters. They are primarily found in boreal forest and tundra habitats in the far north, but also occur in mountainous terrain at the southern end of their current range in the Cascades and Northern Rockies. They prey on everything from moose to mice, and often rely heavily on scavenging for food during winter., The May Day parade and festival in Oroville is the oldest continuously running festival in Okanogan County.

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