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I Buy GOLD & SILVER minnesota So please Email Or Call Me With What You Have! Flak Badge, Luftwaffe 1939 Iron Cross First Class with Original Case, War Merit Cross, Boxed, by Friedrich Orth War Merit Cross, Boxed, Deschler, Close Combat Clasp in Bronze Infantry Assault Badge, Hitler Youth Buckle, Tagged Digital Scale, Digital Calipers Portepees for Luftwaffe Daggers, Army Feldgendarmerie Gorget SS Totenkopf Infantry Group Presentation Photograph, Two Place Medal Bar SA Dagger by JP Sauer, Army Dagger by WKC Unknown Award, RLB Leaders Dagger, First Model SS Typewriter by Mercedes, NSDAP Leaders 4 Place Medal Bar Presentation Luftwaffe Miniature Sword with Propellor Mount, Army Infantry NCO Photo Album Photo Album, Iron Cross Second Class in Case Iron Cross in Case for World War I, Army Artillery Officers Visor Cap 4 Place Medal Bar, Walther PPK SS Dagger with Sports School Dedication Jason, Luftwaffe Officers Dagger with Voos Etched Blade Army Sword Knot, Fire Brigade Honor Badge SS Armband, Hitler Youth Armband Gestapo Disk with Chain, Obergruppenfuhrer Collar Tabs Eagle Order Award, Second Type, in Packet, Luftwaffe Air Gunner Radio Operator War Badge SS Standard Bearers Gorget, Army Dagger by Eickhorn, Gem Quality Luftwaffe Flak Badge, NSDAP Long Service Medal in Bronze NSDAP Service Medal In Silver with Presentation Box, Luftwaffe Honor Roll Clasp Infantry Assault Badge in Bronze by JFS with Packet, Tank Destruction Award Badge in Silver Luftwaffe Officers Sword, Golden Party Badge, 24mm Warrant Disk for Kriminalpolizei, Luftwaffe Buckle, Pictured SS 4 Year Long Service Medal, SS 8 Year Long Service German Cross in Gold, Heavy Version, Hitler Youth Belt Buckle, Unissued Railway Eagle, Hitler Bust Plaque Black Wound Badges, Navy Officer Administrative Buckle Honor Goblet to Knights Cross Winner, Luftwaffe Dagger by SMF, Personalized Luftwaffe Dagger by Richard Herder, Luftwaffe Dagger by AES Luftwaffe Dagger by Henckles, Luftwaffe Dagger by Herder, Cross Keys SS Berghaus Dinner Soup Bowl, Luftwaffe Dagger by Schuttlehoffer with Bag and Hangers Luftwaffe Dagger by Tiger, Large Trademark, Luftwaffe Dagger by Voos Luftwaffe Dagger by Puma, Luftwaffe Dagger by Weyersberg Luftwaffe Dagger by Spitzer, SS Armband Luftwaffe, First Pattern, by Eickhorn, Gravity Knife Close Combat Clasp in Silver, RAD Leaders Dagger with Hangers Police Bayonet, Double Matching Numbers, Army Officer Dagger with Deepest Red Grip Luftwaffe Officers Visor Cap, Close Combat Clasp, Bronze Luftwaffe Dagger, First Model, by Gebr. Heller, Navy Dagger by Eickhorn Navy Dagger by Horster, Early Vintage with Hammered Scabbard, Police Fur Hat Rifle / Shooting Association Dagger, Olympic Service Medal, 2nd Class SS NCO Degen, Police Officer Degen SS Officer Buckle, Mega Mint, Aluminum, NSDAP Podium Banner with Edge Fringe Early Party Flag, Small Kriegsflagge Reichsdienstflagge, NSDAP Flag, Smaller Size NSDAP Banner, Long Style, Army Officers Brocade Belt and Buckle Meissen World War One Remembrance Plaquette, Police Medal Bar, Seven Place Reichsnährstand Forestry Official Buckle, Optical Wide Field Lense by Volk Allgemeine SS Cuff-Band, Der Spiess Infantry Tunic Fire Axe, Etched, Artillery Observation Battalion Parade Dress Waffenrock Prinz Eugen Eickhorn Fieldmarshall Series Saber, 1939 Spange to the Iron Cross First Class with Case Imperial Saxony Sword, 5 Place Medal Bar Hitler Youth Proficiency Badge with Packet, Tag Der Arbeit Tinnie SA Sports Badge, Navy High Seas Fleet Badge Gau Level Armband, DRL Sports Badge in Bronze Dove Head Sword with Engraved Langet, Government Official Dagger by Alcoso Political Leader Single Tab, Luftwaffe Reconnaissance Clasp in Silver Navy Dagger Hangers, Mint SS Totenkopf Ring Medals and Orders Stand, Portable Blacklight Renaissance Wax, Stickpin Collection Rare Pin and Insignia Collection, Navy Auxiliary Cruiser Badge in Distributor Box Spanish Cross with Swords, Thüringer Staatsschule Egendorf Badges Miniature 25 Year Army Long Service, Miniature 25 Year Faithful Service Award Gau Thüringen Commemorative Badge Stickpin, Gau Traditions Stickpin Velvet Carry and Storage Bags, Palm Pattern SS Camo Smock Rare LAH NSDAP Membership Book with Rohm Dagger Stamp, SS Adolf Hitler Bevo Cuff Title SS Nordland Division Bevo Cuff Title, SS Polizei Division RZM Style Cuff Title Etched Army Bayonet, Rare Transitional SS TK Ring Sword Hanger, Close Combat Clasp in Bronze Shooting Lanyard, Peek Metal Polish Hitler Youth Summer Garrison Cap, Political Dagger Storage and Presentation Box Small Hitler Youth Flag, Funeral Sash Reichskriegs Flag, NSDAP Flag Kriegsflag, Small, Kriegsflag, Small Portepees for Army Daggers, M43 SS Cap Police Officer Degen, SS Assault Gun Wrapper Bravery Awards Research, SS Membership Number Directory Basic Gold Party Pin Research, Medal Bar with Ten Medals, and ALL 3 NSDAP Awards Infantry Assault Badge, Jungen Maden Pennant-see note Small SA Photo Album of Original Hitler Photos, Hitler Youth Knife by Eickhorn Optical Ten Power Loop, SA Dagger, RZM Vintage, by Carl Spitzer, Malsch Portable Torso Mannequins, Advanced Research Request Fire Official Bayonet, Feldhernhalle Gorget Cased Medal Bar, Navy Patch Navy Sleeve Patch, Marine Unit Banner NSKK Eagle Insignia, SS Cuff Title Reinhard Heydrich DDAC Club Car Badge, Luftwaffe Sport Shirt Emblem Interesting German DAF (Deutsche Arbeits Front) Work Flag, Cased War Merit Cross Without Swords Cased War Merit Cross With Swords, Medal Bar, Combat Awards, RAD Service Medal Bar, Police Service, Etched and Personalized SS Officer Sword WKC Advertising Sign, Navy Sleeve Patch Luftwaffe Enlisted Tunic Eagle, Hindinburg Cross, Cased Postal Bayonet, Fancy Document Set for a Cavalry NCO Screw Back 1939 Iron Cross First Class, Army Wehrpass NSDAP Long Service Cross in Bronze with Box, Framed Studio Portrait of an Army Officer Original Sheet of Stamps, 60 cents, Set of Three Postcards German World War One War Bond, Wehrpass Document Folder Army Belt for Officer, Type 1 Pilot Badge by Juncker Navy Uboat Badge by Schwerin, Hindinburg Cross War Merit Cross 2nd Class, NSFK Belt Buckle Political Flag, Single Sided, with Cotton Fringe, RAD 12 Year Service Award Unissued Luftwaffe Collar Tabs, Artillery Officer Parade Dress Uniform 40 Year Faithful Service Cross, Herman Goering Chinaware Knights Cross Recipient Luftwaffe Honor Goblet, Mussolini Signed Book from Goerings Library L/12 Marked Oakleaves, Pictured, Unissued Robert Klaas Bayonet Personalized Imperial Lions-head Sword , NSFK Pilot Badge SA High Leader, Adolph Hitler Crystal Unissued LDO War Merit Cross with Swords, Feldhernhalle Dagger with Hangers Pilot / Observer Badge with Diamonds, Bernstein Mein Kampf in Amber Rare SA Signet Ring, 25 Year Boxed Faithful Service Cross Pilot Badge in Original Box, Teno Honor Badge for 1922 Gold Party Badge, Attributed & Pictured, NSRL/SA cased sport table medal SA Ausweiss, Honor Ring Grouping U-Boat War Badge--early Buntmetall quality, Cased Pilots Badge by Berg & Nolte, Lüdenscheid German Cross in Gold, Cased and Named, Luftwaffe Kapok Floatation Vest Police Promotion Document, Himmler Signed!, Drum Skirt for Naval Unit Gau Thuringen in Original Case, Earliest Known Himmler Writing Army TSD (Truppensonderdienst) Officer Visor , DRL Sports Badge for Disabled Veterans DLV 55cm Dagger by Eickhorn, Hitler and Milch Signed Promotion Document Solid Silver Railway Service Award, Allgemeine SS Brocade Belt and Buckle First Model Railway Dagger by Klaas, Party Day badge of 1929 Halt The Hun World War One Poster, War Merit Cross, Boxed and Cased Himmler Promotion Document with Hand Signature, Mega-Mint Blood Order Ultra Rare Police Portrait, Gold Party Pins, Adolph Hitler Presentation Matching Set Cuff Title for Grenz-Polizei - , 21st Panzer Division - Rommels Afrika Korps Spearhead A Reference on Daggers and Dress Bayonets (First Edition - Printed 1959), Landjagerei Rural Police Tschako with Rare Gold Hardware Infantry Officers Visor, Allgemeine SS Cuff-Band M36 Signals Uniform, Marinefrontspange Luftwaffe Generals Fliegerbluse Ensemble, Attributed , Army Dagger, Gem quality, by Eickhorn Wearing The Edged Weapons Of The Third Reich Volume II (printed 1992), Exploring The Dress Daggers of the German Navy - Volume 3 Spearhead for Blitzkrieg - Luftwaffe Operations in Support of the Army, 1939-1945 (printed 1996), Hitlers Mountain Troops (printed 1992) SA Officers Uniform and Kepi from Group Hochland, SA Dagger, Bagged Dagger by Ohliger Collecting the Edged Weapons of the Third Reich - CROSS INDEX, Collecting the Edged Weapons of the Third Reich - Volume I (printed 1977) German Belt Buckles 1919-1945 (printed 1979), Luftwaffe Miniature by Henckles, Ultra Rare Dr. Fritz Todt Prize, Gold Class, Artillery Officers Parade Dress, Named Standartenfuhrer Kepi, Exploring The Dress Daggers of the German Luftwaffe - Volume 2 (printed 1997) Gau Level Bandsman Uniform, Complete, Gem Quality Navy Dagger Ensemble Parade Dress Pioneer Der Spiess Tunic, Totenkopf Ring to Oakleaves Winner Police Tunic to a LtCol, Luftwaffe 2nd Pattern dagger with Glass Grip Hangers for Army Dagger, Totenkopf Ring to Fritz Kramer Luftwaffe Miniature, Mega Mint with Portepee, German Cross in Gold, Mega Mint Hangers for Lufwaffe Dagger , Purple Heart - Private Charles McLeod Purple Heart - PFC George Shaker, Purple Heart - Staff Sergeant Robert Tackett Purple Heart - Staff Sergeant John Gomez, Gestapo Chief - The 1948 Interrogation of Heinrich Mueller - Volume 2 (printed 1997) Soldiers of Evil - The Commandants of the Nazi Concentration Camps (printed 1987), Adolph Galland Signed Photograph Wir Maedel singen (printed 1943), Waffen-SS Soldier 1940-1945 (printed 1993) German Daggers and Dress Sidearms of World War II (printed 1967), A Guide to Nazi Daggers, Swords and Bayonets (printed 1965) The Phenomenon of Third Reich Badge Collecting - from the hocus bogus to the true genuine (printed 1997), Bagnety (printed 1998) Russian (?) (Russian in Cyrillic Print) (printed in 2000), Luftwaffe Miniature by Eickhorn Cased AH Gold Party Pins with Detlev Niemann Expertise, General Officer Tunic Police Officer Visor, Late War, Unissued, Two Page Letter from Himmler to Bouhler Iron Cross First Class, Purple Heart - Carl Schoeppner Purple Heart Group, Sergeant George Giese, Purple Heart, First Lieutenant Edward Tucker Purple Heart, Chief Pharmacist Elmo McClure, Purple Heart - Clarence Twigger NSFK Competition Award, Cased with Document, Luftwaffe Officer Visor, Museum Quality Army Dagger with Early Slant Grip and Tapered Tang , Infantry Parade Dress, Der Spiess, Named Police Officer Degen, Army Leopard Head Sword Gold Party Pins, Matching Set, Army Dagger by Horster Infantry Assault Badge by JFS, RAD 4x4 Standard and Streamers Czech Tank Badge, Police Officer Uniform for Administration Obergruppenfuhrer Shoulder Boards, Unissued Army Hangers SA Wehrmannshaft Cap, SS Armband War Merit Cross by S&L, Boxed and Cartoned, Unknown Site Device Luftwaffe Flak Badge--early Brehmer, For Fuehrer and Fatherland - Military Awards of the Third Reich (printed 1976) For Fuehrer and Fatherland - Military Awards of the Third Reich (printed 1987), Eickhorn Merchandising Tag Presentation Porcelain Vase, Formans Guide To Third Reich German Documents... And Their Values - Volume 1 (printed 1995) Formans Guide To Third Reich German Awards... And Their Values (printed 1993), For Fuehrer and Fatherland - Political & Civil Awards of the Third Reich (printed 1989) Ribbentrop - A Biography (printed 1992), Badges and Insignia of the Third Reich 1933-1945 (printed 1993) Collecting Military Badges of the Third Reich (printed1997), Formans Guide To Third Reich German Awards... And Their Values (printed 1988) not for sale, Rare Gemeinde Police Overcoat Unissued Artillery Map, Case and Scale, Luftwaffe Fliegerbluse Jacket SA Feldjaegerkorps Bayonet, Engraved Luftwaffe Dagger Gau Level Political Armband, SA Ty-Rune Patches Imperial Era Fire Official Dagger / Sidearm, German Cross in Gold by Zimmerman Adolph Hitler Photograph in Period Silver Frame, Luftwaffe 2nd Model Dagger with Hangers Luftwaffe Four Pocket Tunic, SS Cufftitle Collection Police Tschako for Enlisted Ranks, NSKK Service Dagger K98 C-Marked Bayonet with Double Matching Numbers, Unit Marked RAD or FAD Beer Stein Luftwaffe Der Adler Game, Two-Sided Nazi Party Flag Field Wooden Crate, Collectors Handbook of WWII German Daggers (printed 1987) Blankwaffen des Dritten Reiches - Edged weapons of the Third Reich (printed 1999), Hitler Youth Leadership Magazines Deutsche Seitengewehre und Bajonette - German Sidearms and Bayonets 1740-1945 (printed 2000), Iron Cross Grouping to an Obergefreiter Luftwaffe Dagger by Krebs, German Cross in Gold, Army and Waffen SS, Cloth, in Cellophane Kriegsmarine Named Parade Uniform for a Junior NCO, Iron Cross in Mint State Imperial Belt Buckle, Nurnberg Marked, World War I Belt Buckle, Unissued Mint Porcelain Berlin Anniversary Plaque, Zeitner Silver Framed Herman Goering Photo with Dedication Jagdgeschwader Udet Cufftitle, Deutschland Erwache The History and Development of the Nazi Party and the, The SA - A Historical Perspective (printed 1985) Kriegsmarine Officers Dagger, Named, Eagle Order Third Class without Swords Collar Tabs for Railway Official, Social Welfare Cross, third class with case Bahnschutz enlisted belt buckle, Kriegsmarine Dress Saber SA Wehrmann Armband, Luftwaffe Fighter Pilot Clasp in Silver Demjansk Shield, Army Officers Saber Model Nr. 21 by F.W. Höller Eickhorn Point of Purchase Advertising Board, Kriegsmarine Dagger with Damascus Blade Goering Industrial Dagger, SS Honor Dagger, Chained Stahlhelm Traditions Badge, German Bank Long Service Medal RAD Plaque, Kriegsmarine Diver Knife Navy High Seas Fleet War Badge by Schwerin, The Führer Plaque Award Political Leader Standard Bearer Gorget, Italian Dagger Social Welfare Leaders Dagger with Hangers, Saar DRL Liberation Commemorative Streamer logo

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